What A Week So Far!

What a week it has been. Clearly blogging is getting under my skin because when I haven’t been able to fit it in to my day it has been whispering loudly in my ear, calling me back to chat and I feel a little like my blog is that lovely good friend whom I promised I would call this week but I just have not had the time.
It’s Wednesday afternoon and there is thankfully an air of almost normality back in the house, a feeling of relief that we’re fixed, all better! The dreaded vomiting bug has been here tearing through the house. Morgan doesn’t know how lucky he is that he was first to get it and first to get over it. A mere 12 hours was all it took. On Monday evening it really kicked off! We had all got bundled up in warm coats and boots and headed to our local small garden centre to buy our Christmas tree.  We got there and had just got out of the car when we realised some bad communication had passed between mamma and daddy and we had arrived to shop without a penny in our pockets! All back in the car and home treeless but just after we drove in the gate our little Spence threw up all over the car. I was at the minute so glad our circumstances of events had brought us home before we’d planned. Everything happens for a reason!
By about 2am we all had it, what a disaster!

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