Three Birthdays & A Little Christmas

Well, that’s me done! I have planned for, fussed over, baked for, invited to, celebrated with all three kids as they turn new ages this year. They are now 1, 4 and 8 and they are happy! It’s officially 253 days until I need to customize a shop bought Victoria sponge cake again to make it look homemade! I did definitely used to be the mom that always baked the birthday cake but this year I just hadn’t the time or organizational skill to master it!

The parties have all been pretty successful this year but the amount of work for that success is no joke!
Back in August Spencer turned 1 with a super big, bouncy castle, double gazebo, 87 chicken drumsticks garden party for 64 guests young and older!

Two weeks ago Miss Lily had her 8th birthday party where two days before the thing she added to the guest list three young class mates whom are her total absolute new best buds and she forgot to invite them, thereby making me look a little like bad mom sending out the after thought invitations! We debated over whether ‘eighth’ was the correct spelling of 8th and then we printed up beautiful personalized invitations that announced we would celebrate between 3.30 & 6.60pm…. Yes. That said 6.60pm! Naturally I graciously allowed the crazy fun to go on until 7pm!

And finally, our last birthday baby of the year was dear Morgan turning four yesterday. Not any ordinary four you’ll understand, but a Big 4. According to himself! It was his first real party with school friends and because he’s only in preschool since September, I don’t know many of the kids or moms yet. I invited his whole class, which is just ten and just hoped and prayed that a few might make it over to celebrate with us and they did! We had four lovely little people for his fourth birthday. Mostly it was drama free, the standard chaos of gifts torn open before I could make note of which was from who, kids eating far too many goodies at far to fast a pace, a funny game of Blindman’s Buff (or is it Bluff? There’s family controversy over that one!) and for good measure we had an unexpected scary chocking moment where Spence took too big a bite of a chocolate bar and momentarily looked a bit distressed and red in the face. I did the only thing I could think and dropped to my knee with him for a few good strong bangs on the back and then a bit of calming mommy while he got his breath back and thankfully all went back to normal.
We finished yesterday with an excited bunch of little ones being handed in turn a large rolling pin and free range with the Piñata! Those things are practically steel reinforced!

So the countdown begins. I have 253 days to actually bake the next cake myself, blow up the balloons and make sure all, each and every friend be they a long life BFF or a newly added bestest buddy all make the guest list well in advance!

Today I tuned in and saved on digital radio Christmas FM, Always Christmas FM and Classic Christmas FM so I guess my next stint at party planning and hostessing starts here… X

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