The Wonderful “Song Of The Sea”

A few weeks back I impulsively entered a competition run by The RTE Guide to win a family pass to a new Irish made movie called Song Of The Sea. I never gave it anymore thought until the lovely email saying I had won arrived in my inbox! Delight all around! We were off to Kilkenny for a preview screening…but for us, well, we spent the whole week talking glamourously about the star studded movie premiere we would be attending! The kids got great fun out of that!
On the day, I had a few errands to run and being that it’s Summer, that meant dragging three non-compliant hostages through Dunnes Stores and Tesco while constantly trying to beat the clock to get home on time to get Movie Premiere ready!
We dashed in the front door 55 minutes before we were due to leave again and the crazy getting ready began. Manically trying to find matching socks for both boys. Who can’t find their shoes? Who else left their shoes under the trampoline yesterday and now they’re rain soggy? Who has the baby? Where’s he gone now? He’s outside? Who left the door open?…Manic.
We’re bad time keepers in this house, we just are and there’s no denying that! I had told everyone we needed to be in Kilkenny for 5pm so they all reckon ‘Ah, she probably tacked a good half hour onto that, I bet it’s really 5.30pm’. And then we have the daddy that drives a time machine…sure everything is ‘only 15 minutes away, we’ll be there!’…Granny’s house – 15 minutes, restaurant we’re booked into – 15 minutes, Cork – 15 minutes, Giants Causeway – no bother we’ll be there. 15 minutes!
Anyhow, we left the house with about 35 minutes to do a 45 minute drive. We ran late! I hopped out of the car, grabbed baby onto my hip, awkwardly held both other kids hands and made a mad dash across the street to the cinema while daddy parked the car. I was hurried. I was hassled. I was fully aware the movie was a good 6 minutes started. I fell. Yep. Fell. On the foot path. My heel buckled, I had a big boy sitting on my hip. I couldn’t catch myself and landed on my knee on a rough old foot path. The pain! A really sweet elderly man asked was mammy alright and helped me up. So embarrassed. And bleeding from my poor knee!

But. It all changed. Like my fairy godmother was watching on and intervened feeling pitifully sorry for me. It all changed because when we quietly crept in to the dark cinema, and peered through the blackness for seats, a calm fell upon us. The beautiful haunting music. The sweet enchanting singing voice. We stood in the dark and set eyes on the big screen and we were transported away. We were away with faeries, with seals, with folklore and tales and magic. This movie was instantly captivating.
I’ve been stalling on any sort of review writing because I just don’t have the skill to do any justice to this stunning film. Whatever I write would be letting them all down. I just urge you all to go now and see it in your local cinema while you still can!