Playground GPS Ireland. App Review.

I do not have a business mind. I was never destined to be an inventor. I am no young entrepreneur not least because I am sliding away from the region of ‘young’! Saying that, every now and again something comes along, something new and clever that just makes so much sense; something arrives in front of me and I just think ‘Well, yes, of course we need this. Why didn’t I think of this? I wish I had thought of this!’…

I give you the Playground GPS Ireland App. It’s just so handy and really clear, clean and clever. And free!

I have three small children, I have been through every state of car journey nightmare possible! Two of my three were chronic car screamers, fighting the belts and buckles of car seats, screaming to be set free or taken out for a break. I have pulled over my car on lay-bys, abandoned country lanes, wide gateways, vast car parks and petrol forecourts just to calm and coax and care for tired and stressed out babies and toddlers who had simply had enough of the belts. If on any of those past occasions I had had the use of Playground GPS Ireland App it would have been such a life saver! To be able to track my location via GPS or enter the name of the closest town and instantly be pointed in the direction of the closest park or play area and give us all a bit of reprieve, well how much better would that be than gates and side roads?

The app is so stream lined and simple to use. Your options are laid out for you as soon as you open the app:

Nearby Playgrounds will track your location using your mobile’s GPS and lets you know what is in your area.

Search By Town allows you to enter the town and county of your choice.

Search A Route is a real star attribute in my book because if you’re planning a journey, maybe a few days break away, this feature allows you to enter your starting point and your destination and will pinpoint all of the playgrounds, parks, play centers and petting farms along the road. What a brilliant way to plan a family road trip!

There is also the option to save your Favourite Playgrounds so instead of saying to each other ‘Hey, do you remember that cool playground we took the kids to last summer? The one with the deadly zipwire where we had the picnic with those nice buns? Where was that, can you remember?’…well now you simply open up your Playground GPS App and search your favorites! Simple. Brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this?


It gets better! Not only will the app suggest play areas in your chosen location, it will accurately direct you all the way there and also give you links to the website or Facebook page of all the listed indoor play centers with a one-touch call feature if you need to call ahead for any reason. There are over 1800 towns and town-lands that feature in the app so hundreds of solutions when you and your family are on the road this summer looking for fun and play and picnics and laughs!


Currently Playground GPS Ireland is available for download on Android from the Playstore with the Apple version being made available in the coming weeks.

We’re half way through the summer holidays already, get out there, get your Playground GPS Ireland App and discover something new! x



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