The November Birthday Club

Two babies arrived into my life in the chilly month of November; in 2006 on a bright and sunny blue sky morning I left the house at 9am and had in my arms a beautiful doe eyed baby girl by 6.47pm. Our Lily Peggy. And this week she turns 8.

In 2010 I was again facing November feeling big and uncomfortable and almost unable to walk with SPD and insane Braxton Hicks plus the worry that baby number two might arrive a thunder stealer on Lily’s birthday! How would that go down,a sibling sharing her birthday! Anyhow, a needless worry! Two arrived ten days over due and with him came three weeks of the worst snow we’ve seen here in Ireland in years! Our boy, Philip Morgan bought some light into our days when otherwise we were going through a very tough time with his grandad facing that awful C word. He was given his grandad’a name, Philip, but to give him his own identity, his individuality and something that was just his we decided he would be known as Morgan.

So now Lily and Morgan are going to be 8 and 4 and both expecting big things for their special days! Lily’s party is this coming Friday and her guest list jumped another three last night bringing it to 11 I think! I try to theme the party or hire some fun entertainment each year and after pulling off a particularly lovely afternoon tea party last year, I’ve posed quite a challenge to myself to top that! The plan is an old fashioned birthday games party with things her dad and I would have done on our birthdays so it’s Pin The Tail on The Donkey (I’m thinking of bringing it up to date by going with Pin the Carrot on Olaf from Frozen!). We might try a little Blind Man’s Buff ( is there an alternative name for that in the States? You know the game where one person is blindfolded and has to try catch the others?? Or is that an Irish thing?). We might try some Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs if time and tolerance allows!

Today is Monday so now begins the manic clearing out of rooms, making the playroom a room that can be played in, the guest room a room I’m not embarrassed to allow a guest into and reclaim that famous Futility room back into a place to utilize!

Oh so much to do! The big challenge will be keep it all done until Friday! And as I speak I hear the distant rumble and crash of a giant bag of Lego hit the hall floor… Wish me luck! I’m going in…..

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