The Creators of Chaos

My creators of Chaos, my mischief makers, my home wreckers, my lovelies!

Heading up the pack we have Miss Lily, 8 and becoming quite the sassy little madam with a good dose of cute, heavily seasoned with wit and sparkle and a side order of teenager-ish attitude. Prone to meltdowns, the occasional declaration of how unloved she is, once told me I’m ‘like some evil step-mother or something’ and lives under permanent threat of having her bedroom door removed from it’s hinges if it is slammed again! She’s a dancer, loves ballet and Irish dancing and is hooked on her Just Dance game on the Nintendo WiiU which has thought her how to pop a hip and bust a move worthy of Riri or Gaga! Lily is creative, going through a fashion design phase, really likes to chose her own outfits and has a wonderfully good and kind little heart.

The middle man is Morgan, he couldn’t wait to be 4 and wanted a skateboard for his birthday! He is a child with an absolute face of an Angel, his eyes are brimming with cheeky glints and sparkles and he smiles all the time (mostly) even when he’s down or under the weather! He corrects me anytime I call him my baby, he’s my big boy and he worships his daddy! Morgan is slowly getting over his addiction to sausage rolls after a summer of asking for them pretty much every morning! He is sweet natured and kind and will always share and always find something in his day that warrants him deserving a treat!

And our baby, our Super Spence! He is a full 19 months old and when people talk of a kid being a handful, he is both hands full and if only I had an extra pair! Like his big brother, not a jot of boldness just pure mischief and excitement for everything! He adores being outside and so far has found nothing he can’t climb! Nothing! He has even climbed the walls! He won’t let me out of his sight for long and I’ve been called home a few times when I’ve left him with a sitter because he just won’t settle without mammy.

They are my mischief makers, my creators of chaos! They keep me so, so busy all the time, there is nothing in their day that I don’t do for them, there is nothing in my day that is not done for them! I love them, as difficult as it can be to always have at least 1 and often all three with me, as frustrating as it can be to literally never ever have any alone time or free time or me time or down time, it doesn’t matter. Because I love them.

My Spencer, my Superhero.
My Spencer, my Superhero.


Lily, strikes a pose, loves the camera!
Lily, strikes a pose, loves the camera!
Morgan having the sausage roll addiction tended to!
Morgan having the sausage roll addiction tended to!


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