The 1st Post Of Christmas

I had a thought that I might do a little daily update in the run up to Christmas, in the midst of the usual chaos here that might be a challenge but I’ll give it a shot!

I had my second secret box of Santa items arrive today with the postie! I’d been having not quite a lazy morning, but I’d been taking care of housework in my pajamas so when I noticed the post van reverse up to the door I panic ran off to at least stick on a bra!! In the fumbling and flustering, he got to the door quicker than I could sort myself out so I settled for a randomly grabbed cardi!

Anyhow, the important thing is that Santa is underway and all but two items off the kids list are hidden behind lock and key in the guest room!

So, Christmas 2014 will see us with 9 bums on seats around the kitchen table and usually I’m the cook. I’ll spend the couple of weeks before the 25th looking up recipes, probably adding a few new ideas and seeking out the old reliables. We’re traditional turkey and ham fans here and my sides tend to be pine nut & bacon sprouts oven baked with maple syrup, mixed oven roast veggies, my favorite sage & onion stuffing, cauliflower cheese and of course mash & roasties! The dilemma always falls with what starter to serve! In my house we never had any starter, the main course was always enough to fill us, so if I serve melon my brother leaves it aside, if I serve soup everyone is too full! Dilemma, dilemma!! We’ll have to have a round of sherry trifle with cream to finish us off, that one is a long loved recipe that these days comes courtesy of my mum but in years gone by came from her mum, my Granny Rose.

December 1st. I’ve been listening to Christmas FM on the radio, have stenciled a Christmas scene on the tv room window,a spattering of small decorations and a single set of fairy lights have been set up. I’ve been warned of Premature Christmasification, of burning out, peaking too soon! Better take it handy…24 days and counting!


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