Summer Shape-Up

One of my all time favourite clever concepts I have learned from the internet is this… CHAOS. Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. It comes courtesy of the fabulous website and it so perfectly describes me, my house, my life! I’d never get as much work done in a week as I do in the ten minutes after that call that tells me unexpected guests are arriving!


So as of last Friday, to the absolute joy and elation of my daughter, Lily, school’s out for summer! The hilarious thing is she actually loves it, hates to miss a day and has been known to ask to go in within mere hours of tummy bugs and belly aches. The girl is a social butterfly and loves school!

Anyhow, from here on in until August 28th she’s all mine to entertain, hopefully educate a little, certainly keep tabs on her flighty wild little streaks and referee…The two little brothers are not so tough to entertain, Morgan is 3 and an important half and just getting into the swing of things in playschool and from next week he’ll be doing a big jump from a two-day week to three. He thrives on it. Finally Baby Chaos,  Spencer, has just turned 11 months old, has some plans of his own for the summer, whether he’s aware of them or not! Spence is, I would guess, just days away from being a walking waddling master of the house, he has some serious sleeping issues to iron out (like perhaps moving out of mammy’s bed) and its near time to give up what his daddy calls ‘the boobage’!

And then there is me, the Queen of Chaos. I have all these fabulous plans and intentions for this summer myself and I’m great at plotting and planning and Pinning on Pinterest all the wonderful way’s I will better organise my days…but my other well earned title would likely be Queen Procrastinator! Follow through is not always my strong point.

So, as my first  blog post I’m going to lay it all out,  a wish list for the summer. Here follows all the glorious way’s in which I am going to organise my house and myself and manage to actually spend time with my children this summer instead of sort of just having with children with me.


1. Planning ahead! This evening I asked the two older kids to go pick out their clothes for tomorrow. I think they were suddenly excited that I had some fun day trip planned but alas no, I just want to get them up and dressed in the morning and ready for the day. Not doing this will likely mean they’ll still be in breakfast splashed pyjamas by midday. And so would I! So, plan 1 is to be ready to hit the ground running in the morning.


2. Child friendly chores! I can’t see the kids calling this too child friendly but hey-ho! We had everything done for us as kids, my little brother and I. We really did and as a result I am no domestic goddess. I’m hardly even a domestic …well, I can’t find the word but whatever about five steps down from a Goddess might be! So I want the kids to pull some weight, nothing huge but anything will lighten the load for me seeing as most jobs I do in the house from washing dishes to preparing meals to hoovering are all done with Spence sitting on my left hip jamming his little hands down my top trying to fish out some nurturing boobage! I’m thinking their chores will be laying and clearing the table at meal times, ten minute floor tidy on their bedrooms in the evening and running a few ‘fetch me a nappy/tea towel/toy for the baby’ type jobs.


3. The morning work load. This will be a hard one for me to stick to because I tend to keep going, getting jobs around the house done pretty much all day. I’m awful for that old ‘I just need to finish this’ or ‘Mammy is working, give me another minute’ line. I never ever actually down tools and just do something directly with the kids in a non distracted, no screen in front of me way. So, I hope to do the bulk of my house work jobs in the mornings and after lunch spend a little real actual face-time with my lovelies. I want to bake more with them, we have a bunch of recyclable items aside to make bird feeders so I want to do that, I want to watch an episode of Dora with my lovely boy because Dora is his new favourite, or watch Frozen again and sing along with my girl and let her tell me what’s about to happen next and who’s about to say what to who even though it secretly drives me crackers…she loves to be an expert and a little bit of a know it all! So I’m going to let her! And I want to dedicate twenty minutes a day to simply teaching baby how to blow kisses until he get’s it!


4. Me time. Them time. Us time. Every mammy is a full-time mammy and every full-time mammy knows this job is Full Time! From waking to…well waking again day after day. There really is no quitting time, very little break time (if any) and usually no time off. For me, I literally never ever spend time just on my own, time when I am simply responsible for no one other than me. I shower with kid company, I drive with kid company, I see my hairdresser, dentist, doctor all with kid company. Over the next eight weeks when I’m not so tied to school and hobby schedules I really, really hope to find individual time. So, time for me and only me, time for the kids individually (especially with my daughter, she craves girly time and I’ve been so bad at giving her that) and some grown up Us time, some date nights for hubby and I.


5. Number five is this, a Blog. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, I’ve started several times, registered on many different blogging sites and never followed through. The plan is to set a reachable goal of blogging for the summer and maybe by the time September sneaks back around I’ll have gotten good at it and might stick with it. I just hope I can make it interesting!


So there it is, the bones of a plan for shaping up for summer. There are so many other things I could add to the list like menu planning, making use of my sewing machine, my Kenwood chef blender, better budgeting with the household funds. The list could be as long as the summer but let’s try to be realistic. It’s hard to change the habits of a family lifetime!


But, I will go for it and add one more thing.


6. Conquer the Chaos.


Until tomorrow…. S.x

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