Same Shizzle, Different Summer Day!

So, what would you expect a mum would be doing on the first day of the first full week of Summer holidays?

Perhaps she would be excited to not be setting an alarm for any ungodly hour.

She might look forward to a few easy, late breakfasts, jammies staying on for a few hours.

A mom might be happy not to have to turn the house upside down looking for a matching shoe. Any matching show. No particular shoe. Just a shoe that has an a available match.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to be thinking about packed lunches for a while?

Well not this fool! I set my alarm as always last night (selecting a wake up time 20 minutes later felt like a treat. Who am I ?), I snuck around the house this morning seeking out a matching shoe, any shoes at all, I looked out the window four or five times to gauge weather appropriate clothes ( just because yesterday was sunny is no reason to believe today might not be wintery!) gently guided a morning grump down the hall and coaxed him out of his shell with breakfast dipped in Nutella, clock watch, clock watch, clock watch till it was time to start that pointless futile chant of ‘hurry we have to go hurry we have to go hurry we… is anyone actually listening? Out the door pre 9am and off to summer camp!

No rest for this wicked mamma!


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