Rancho Reillys Pet Farm

Busy, busy morning here at Casa Chaos but so nice to wake up to the sounds of the two boys chatting and giggling in the bed next to me instead of the weekday shrill screach of my alarm!

We had a date at a local pet farm this afternoon to celebrate Morgan’s classmates 5th birthday so off we went, running late as ever!

I’m at an awkward age with Morgan and birthday parties. He’s not old enough for me to drop and collect yet, at least not for my comfort anyway so I battle with what the etiquette is when one kid gets invited but you travel in a pack! I’m always conscious that a mum has planned for a number of kids and booked or cooked meals for that number and then in I walk with one on my hip and one trailing behind! When the parties are held in play centres or such venues I will always pay seperate for the extra bodies and take care of their food and drinks myself if the kids want anything, I’d never like to presume I can crash the party and have my kiddies entertained and fed at someone else’s costs!

Today, however we were all made so welcome at the party and everyone was included and looked after so well. It was held at a fun little country location,  Rancho Reilly’s Pet Farm. We’ve been a few times in the past, it’s a cool little spot. It’s pretty rough and ready, lots of homemade fun like piles of tyres built to create a climbing frame and little wood shack club houses for playing in, even a mad big red bus turned into the Disco Den! The kids had a ball.
In the pet farm area are impressively massive pigs, bonkers looking turkeys, baby  rabbits, miniture ponies and for the braver souls (not I) snakes!


One thing about being in a place like this with three kids is you find yourself acting like a paranoid fugitive on the watch out for CIA operatives!  Ha. I was sitting chatting with another mum when I caught myself doing the crazed momma head jerks…look left,  quick right,  check behind,  look left, back right, check behind…Head count. ..1…2…3…all accounted for. We have visual on the mini CIA operatives. They see me. I see them. We’re all good here…!!


For any readers in the area or if you’re passing through have a look and maybe a visit is on the cards… http://www.ranchoreilly.com

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