Our Escape To The Sea (Part 1)

OK,  back to blogging business and time to get really focused on more regular posts and updates!  I’ll be blogging one year on July 4th and I’ve learned a whole lot about how it all works in that year! I have a list of posts and topics all scheduled now and I’m looking forward to sharing them all with everyone who’s reading! x

First up, a spontaneous trip to the seaside with the kiddies! We literally had the idea, made a quick call to a hotel in Dunmore East and booked it in the space of about four minutes last Saturday!

Sunday afternoon we all piled into the jeep, bags and baggage, babies, balls and books!  Unfortunately, we hit the road at precisely the wrong time for Spencer, he had had his nap already and he was in no mood to sit in a car seat for ninety minutes or more so it was a bit of a noisey and whiney drive down to Waterford but we made it!

Our hotel was The Strand Inn and I absolutely recommend it for a family trip or even a nice couples weekend, it’s right on the beach front, we were met by some fabulous local live musicians gigging up a storm in the front lounge and this bright and sunny hotel had a lovely home away from home feel. The food in the restaurant was just devine! The kind of food you’ll think of and long for again well after you leave and will easily tempt you back as soon as possible! A fantastic addition to our two meal times was the kids playroom featured in the restaurant. Such a cool little spot, the floors are covered in a fake grass effect and the walls were all chalkboard painted! By shear coinsidence, Shane had got the kids a box of giant chalk which we fetched from jeep and the artists got to work! It kept them occupied through dinner and they dipped in an out between bites, a great relaxed way to hang out!


Our room turned out to be rooms plural, a double bed and three singles so the space was comfortable and airy and the older two were so excited to have their own room with their own TV! If I had to find anything to grumble about there would only be two small things, it’s an old building with beautiful old window frames and as such our bathroom was a pretty chilly spot! I had thought about taking a soak in the bath after the kids bedtime but I can’t bear to be cold so the breeze in there put me off! Not very brave of me, I know! The other is also a window issue, right next to the bed was a low set little window that Spence was mad about using as a little nook for birdwatching but being the escape artist he is, he pretty quickly worked out that this window opens easily and fully and we’re on the second floor! It reassured me that directly outside was a flat roof top so there was no drop but I know this kid, one free moment and he’d have easily and joyful stepped out and ran along that roof to begin his base-jumping career (age 22 months!)… So a good lock on that window would definitely make for a more relaxed mommy!


I loved staying at this hotel; the breakfast, the staff, the location and scenery and definitely the restaurant will all have me very much looking forward to our next stay!


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