On The 2nd Post Of Christmas…

…it’s been a busy day! I finally got around to visiting a good, gorgeous, dear friend today after almost a year! Catching up is brilliant when you can literally have a hug, stick on the kettle and just spill. Spill it all. Spill the beans. Spill your guts! The lot! And still have time to talk crap and eat donuts and laugh about the chances of getting the next catch up before any of us turn another year older!

This evening then, I quietly crept out the front door while baby Spence wasn’t looking and went to a talk in Lily’s school about bullying awareness and the new guidelines being introduced to deal with school bullies. There was a lot of information to digest and I took a few notes for reading over later but then I got the usual call, the ‘sorry but your hour is up’ call! Loosely translated that means Spencer has noticed mom gone, he has been vaguely distracted by several items,ideas and games but now is just yelling ‘Mammmy more mammmmy more maaaammmmmyyyy’! So a speedy exit and missed the end of the talk but my smiling happy and clearly relieved boy meeting me in the hallway means all is alright!

And in my Christmas updates, not what you’d call a big achievement but I’m years saying I’d like some nice Christmas garlands for my fireplaces and my mum presented me with two today! I’m hoping to dress them and add lights et al but yeah, happy I have them! Oh and my kids have done a spur of the moment turn about and added two Furby Boom creatures to the Santa list! Yup. One each required. That’s an unforeseen extra €140.
Merry Christmas purse!


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