OK,OK! I’ve Been A Rubbish Blogger!

I get it, I do. Really! I know I’m supposed to actually visit this thing once on a while and update and well, input some sort of content! I’m like a new mom in the second week of January already breaking her resolution to hit the gym weekly and find herself again. ..I’ve visited twice,  a week or so apart then fell at the third hurdle!
In my poor defence I really wasn’t kidding when I called this blog The Chaos of 3, it really is chaotic. Just one manic mumday after another.
(I interrupt this defence your honour to tell you my phone and it’s auto correct function saw the word ‘mumday’ and suggested I might have meant Mum Fat… wtf? Give a gal a complex why don’t ya.)
Anyhow,  it’s insane. It’s smothering. I absolutely fail to keep up and if I’m not keeping up then I’m struggling to catch up. Never ending. There literally is not one room in my house that I could feel comfortable showing to you these days.  It’s mess and clutter and damn chaos in every corner.
My girl is gone off to a party today,  I’ve promised my boys I’d take them for ice cream and to the park so as they don’t feel left out and I’m currently going around in circles trying to figure out how to to that. How to go to the park? Surely it’s just appropriate clothing, baby change bag and into the car, right?  Nope.  I haven’t taken a proper actual shower in two days – yuck. I have to seek out and iron clothes for us all. My husband will be home between gigs later for rest, food and fresh clothes for the evening gig so I have to be on top of that.  Every room is a mess. Did I mention that? My dishwasher went kaput so there is a sink and counter full of dishes to be washed. I really need to hoover. Ugh! It’s smothering.
So between changing my mind on do I clean now and park later or do I park now and clean later or do I semi clean now then park then finish later…I’ve decided to blog. To offload. To hope I don’t sound like the big fat failure in reality that I kinda do feel like inside my chaotic and smothering mind. All that just while I wait for the iron to heat up.
Park now.  Clean later. The air and laughs with the boys might motivate me to breathe and just swim. Not sink.

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