Fun-Mom Or Just Some-Mom

I want to be fun-mom. I really do. and I’m always conscious that too often I’m just ‘some-mom’ to my kids, as in they get some of my attention some of the time. I follow all of these amazing blogs and Facebook pages that are all kid and family based and they show me everyday ’20 Amazing Crafts for Toddlers’, ’30 Super Fun Nature Activities’, ’40 Science Projects Kids Will Love’ and I say to myself that yeah, my kids would love that or Sure, we have the ingredients for that or maybe Yes, I so want to try that with them today!

So here we are, its a proper beautiful (and rare) Irish summer’s day and I need to finish some house jobs but also I can feel boredom lurking and about to possess my children! I’m done with the background noise of the Wii U in the front room so I have an inspired idea!

I set them up outside (away from screen time objects) on the front steps, I guess you might call it a front porch. They have a big giant old towel on the ground to sit on, a full pallet of lovely brightly coloured paints, water, brushes, cloths…all they need for my inspired idea!

‘Let’s go paint Nature!!’ I announce. Let’s find interesting shaped stones, pretty leaves and maybe even a cool shaped long twig from a tree that we can turn into a customised magic wand!

Aw, now I’m SuperMom! Magic wands? Of our very own that we get to design and paint and decorate? Best mom E.V.E.R!

I head off about my jobs feeling great. Sure, I’m not out there painting along with them but I’ve set them a project, it’s creative and they’re happy. I can hear them through an open window, chatting and laughing and sounding like they really do like each other. I get all four beds made, the baby is contentedly crawling alongside me and practicing his few baby steps every now and again. The gentle summer breeze drifts through the house, it tosses my hair and ruffles the curtains playfully.

Let’s go see how my little artists are doing, I think to myself. I open the front door feeling like Mary freakin’ Poppins herself, humming about spoonfuls of sugar, gliding along the floor, light in mood and gleeful at heart…

Da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaa……It’s a horror show. It’s a blood bath. It’s like some crazy combination of chemicals in the paint pots and nature have caused an explosion of colour all around, along the paths, down the steps, around the flower pots. I can see the prints of hands, feet, individual toes and fingers. The paint is everywhere.


I swore those magic wand twigs better be fully charged and ready for work. No more Mary Poppins I tell you. No, my newly formed visage is morphing into place, it’s much more of a Nanny McPhee warts and all version. I pack the two mischief makers off to finish some bedroom chores and now it’s my turn on the front porch. I’m on my knees, not with an inspired artistic notions but rather with a tub of warm soapy water and a scrubbing-brush. I’m Cinder’feckin’rella. And for company, no chirping bluebird, no singing Disney mice but just a very annoyed to be strapped in a buggy away from all the ‘fun’ screaming (almost) one year old.

So, what is the reality behind all the amazing looking blogs and pages I follow and admire? Is it really all gentle parenting, creative days, water fun, fascinating and learning activities? I don’t know but I do hope there is a good dose of normal real life behind it all, that water gets spilled, kids fall out over paint colours, maybe the cat gets a lick of paint or the front porch occasionally winds up a kaleidoscope of colour and that a reasonable amount of chaos runs giggling around the outskirts of a perfect image! x


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