Dear Blog, I Should Have Called.

I vanished. Sometime back in early December I was washed away by the tidal wave of tinsel and tat and the chaos of trees! Christmas and it’s fearless leader, Santa, bundled me in to the back of his big red sleigh and I was gone.

Dear Blog, I’m sorry! Dear anyone whom has been lovey enough to check in and see am I back, I’m thankful. Thank you to any and all who clicked the link and popped in even tho no one was home.

I’m home now tho! I’ve been thinking about the blog so much and longing to pick up the phone or laptop, I’ve been feeling like the blog is that lovely friend I have really truly been meaning to call and dying to have a natter with for so long and now I’m a little embarrassed to be turning up all of a sudden after the long silence. If you’re still here still listening and still willing to take the call then I’m delighted.

The chaos is as much a handful as ever it was but there have been some little improvements. I took on the job of sorting through Morgan’s room a few weeks back and we turned Spencer’s cot into a bed so now that lovely space is happily known as The Boy’s Room. Spence has never slept a night in that cot (actually neither did Morgan!) but he’s been doing alright in his big boy bed so far. He’s been co-sleeping since his day 1, so much easier for breastfeeding, but it would be nice now to wind down the night nursing a little and reclaim the mammy/daddy bed! It’s lovely to pass the door of their little room and see it tidy and useful! A happy space and they often head off in there together for brother bonding over cars and trucks.

Along with that, a miracle! As if over night (and I mean that quite literally) Miss Lily woke up one morning and tidied her room, made her bed, organised her dolls and books! I went in to wake her for school and found her sitting crossed legged and the end of her perfectly made bed readying a book! WHAT!!?? She has started a little morning routine of this for herself and she’s doing so well! I do suspect there’s a reason, she’s working up towards something, a request…but whatever it is she’s so far doing a great job earning it!

So, it’s Thursday afternoon now. I’m standing here at the ironing ironing board which serves as a better used laptop table than as a place I do tonnes of ironing! I’m about to run down town now to collect eight bags of laundry. Yes, eight! We finally gave in and realized we were never going to get through it, or I was never going to get through it all. There is just too too much all the time so we sent it all away to be washed by fairies!


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