Conversations You Never Expect To Have!

Last Monday started off with one of those funny conversations you just don’t expect! After searching the entire bathroom and en suite for my shampoo and conditioner bottles I concluded I’d either gone quite mad or someone had taken them.

Into the kitchen.

Me: ” Love, (never call the husband by his actual real name, always with the pet names!) did you see my shampoo & conditioner? I swore I left them next to the bath…”

Love: *looks sheepish and giggles manically* “Ahem, well darlin’ (never calls me by my given name either!) your bottles are down the garden.”

Me: *I got nothin’ here…just a confused and furrowed brow awaiting further crazy explanation and reassuring myself that crazy has married crazy!

Love: “I used them as missiles out the window at 6am after that f****’ rooster woke me up!”

And off down the garden I go, in my nightdress, wearing Love’s slippers because if I was going to go looking for my own at that stage after the futile fifteen minutes I’d wasted on the toiletries that were now, literally, planted in the lawn…! Grrr..

I had to shower the two bottles before I could shower myself.

Sometimes things get a little crazy ’round here. But we laugh. And we’re happy. And maybe a little mad! x

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