Blog Snackin’!

Monday afternoon and I got the maddest urge to blog, something akin to when you come in from a long afternoon doing the grocery shop and you absolutely have to have a bit of everything you bought, like right now, so you end up eating three pimento stuffed olives, a bit of the kid’s apple, four grapes, a square of chocolate and a peach Petit Filous! You know, just ‘cos it’s all fresh and new and on the table already!

Well, this post I suspect is going to be a random mouthful of freshness I think because I have bumped against so many topics and events this past two weeks that I thought would make great post subjects but, a bit like the daunting task of preparing dinner on the evening of a food shop, it seemed like a massive task to get my ingredients for a solid post in order and prepared so here follows a Snack Post!! Novel, eh?

Mother’s Day: I guess it’s a bit of a Hallmark event really isn’t it? No one is really sure when it is but as soon as the cards and flowers begin appearing in the stores with the big cardboard reminder on top then we all suddenly tune in to every word mammy utters to pick up on some clue as to what she might like. For me, being a mammy, well I don’t expect too much I really don’t. I think it’s nice to get lovely luxury gifts for Christmas, your birthday, maybe on your Wedding anniversary but for Mother’s Day (and probably Valentine’s too) I don’t think it requires anything more than a nice school/homemade gift from the kids and maybe an excuse to put my feet up mid-afternoon and take a little breather. A special and almost unnoticeable moment that happened to me on Mother’s Day was when Lily arrived into the bedroom to my side, bursting with pride at having picked a gift (from her bedroom bookshelves) and wrapped it by herself and even finding a lovey gift bag somewhere in a cupboard. I unwrapped my gift and found what I knew to be an old Ikea picture frame I had bought a year ago. It didn’t have any picture in it so I smiled and thought ‘That’s nice, she looked for something she didn’t need and probably thought mammy can use this nice frame for a nice picture’…it was a bit tatty looking and it didn’t even have the plastic ‘glass’ it used to house. It was literally just the wooden red frame. But I loved it. I accepted the gift she had wrapped with love and I smiled. I left it there on my bed and went for breakfast. Hours later I came back to make the bed and when I turned over the empty frame I found this…

…made my Mother’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day: Our National Holiday. Mad time of year altogether here and even though parades and celebration are a family event, we often spend the fun part separate. Lily has taken part in the parade the last three years with her Irish Dancing troupe so usually one of us finds a good vantage point to watch with the younger children, be in a prominent spot so Lily can see us and we can all cheer and wave and of course have the big fancy ‘good’ camera focused and ready! The other parent does what I call some ‘Ghost marching’, basically you walk in the parade in a nice descrete way so as you can be close to the marching child be not actually look like youre another sideshow in the event! This year was different because we had two kids marching, Morgan (4) was part of a group made up by his Naionra class (Naionra is playschool through the Irish language) and they were pulling along a fabulous, colourful train all decorated in the theme of Environment & Recycling. He was quietly beaming with pride. As were we! It turned out be the nicest and easiest, probably most fulfilling year of the local parade for us. Daddy waiting at that specially picked vantage point with Granny and camera in hand and I ghost walked between the two groups; Morgan with the train and behind him Lily dancing! Well, the absolute high light of our day was when we sat as a family, granny and granddad along with us and watched the Six pm National news and there  he was, smiling, beaming, proud and looking like a little sweet vision of a cherub. My lovely boy made national news!! Happy.

 Rare moments, Little gems: the other thing I wanted to touch on was one of those lovely little rare moments that happen only every now and again. Daddy headed down to the bedroom to make a call in quiet, after a few minutes Morgan missed him and went wandering and his little shadow, Spence followed! They all climbed onto the bed with daddy for a natter! I showed up at the bedroom door wondering firstly, why were my boys not being noisy (always be suspicious of silence!) and secondly which of them had slipped away with my phone to play a sneaky game. Seeing my trio if boys laughing and chatting, I had to join in and pretty soon it got giggly! The giggles got real loud and grabbed Miss Lily’s attention! She waltzes into the room and shouts “What the heck is all this racket?”… I laugh and slightly cringe at her funny turn of phrase, she hears so many words we don’t usually use from friends and TV shows! What the heck?! So it all happened pretty gradually. Organically. We became a family of five gigglers rolling on the bed! And snapshots of Happy are rare and special little gems!


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