Be Prepared For Spontaneity

I do realize the contradiction there, being spontaneous means dropping and running, going for it, saying ‘Ah to Hell with it’ and taking the plunge.
I can’t do that.
I am mother to three kids.
I must have advance notice of any preplanned or unplanned spontaneity.
So here we are, just in the door from church and the big announcement comes courtesy of daddy… “Right, throw a bag together real quick we’re off to Funtasia water park!”.
And my soul dies a little. I hate water parks! It makes me sound boring, I know but I hate being cold. I hate being damp and I hate being damp and cold at the same time!
Anyway, in the spirit of not being a spoil sport and ending up in the bad books, I run into the house like I’m on some supermarket sweep tv show and start grabbing wildly for swimming paraphernalia. The costumes are still wrapped in a soggy towel since the last day so need blast in the dryer to freshen them up. I’m running the mental checklist through my head of all the needs when out for a day with the baby and trying to think where I might find Morgan’s old baby swim trunks that will now fit Spencer.
And then there is me. I warn my husband in that don’t argue just listen tone that I’m going to need a few minutes to myself.
For what? Landscaping. He looks at me with an eyebrow raised!
I nod subtly downwards. You know, I tell him. Lady gardening.
He hands me a razor and leaves me to it without question!
So we’re all ready and in the car now and inevitability I will arrive into the teeny two foot by two foot ‘family’ changing room (big enough for a family of squirrels perhaps, not humans) and I’ll open the bag and announce ‘shoot I forgot the *blank*’… It happens every time. Whether it’s planned spontaneity or spontaneous spontaneity, I’ll always forget something!

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