Banishing That Mammy-Guilt

I often berate myself when the kids finally go to sleep at night that I haven’t spent enough time with them during that day. There’s always so much to do and so many things seem important and urgent so I hear myself say I’ll play later or not just now or after I finish this job, when they are asking me to do something with them.
It’s easy to know in your heart that these days are precious and fleeting and going so fast that the only answer to ‘Mammy will you play?’ should always be ‘Yes! Yes I will!’.

But that’s not easy in reality, is it? There’s the Mammy-guilt to contend and wrestle with first.
You consider throwing caution to the wind and heading off but then you think maybe it would be better to first put on a wash. And while you’re at it there’s clothes to be dried there now too. And you walk back through the kitchen and see all the discarded crockery of lunchtime on the table and the difference it makes to the kitchen when the table is cleared is huge so it’d be great to just get that out of the way.
Passing glance at the clock. Not actually that long till dinner time. What am I cooking? Better really get that underway in the next few minutes.


And the kids are gone.
Waiting for you to be ready, they’re gone. Something else, someone else was there to make fun and memories with your kids.
And you resolve to just go for it tomorrow.
You’ll catch tomorrow.
If you can just get ourself organised.
We’ll I’m trying my best the last few days to know when to just say yes. Or better still, don’t wait for them to look for me but rather let me be the one to look for them. The weather’s been super and the kids are in top form and we’ve been making better use of our garden and all the amazing space we have.


I challenged Morgan to a race yesterday, we went from lamppost to fence and back and he won of course! We got giddy and carried away on the trampoline too and in an over boisterous bounce we collided and hit the deck! His poor nose met my knee! Ouch. Ran inside super fast to the freezer but not for ice packs. For ice pops! We sat on the front door step to be a welcoming comitee for Miss Lily getting off the school bus and saved her the last ice pop!


Daddy has started building them a super cool fort too, it’s all shabby chic and repurposed wooden pallets. They love it!


That’s what’s needed. Not Mammy-guilt. The dishes will still be there later,  the fleeting moments won’t wait.

Make memories. Not beds!




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