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Welcome to my Parenting and Lifestyle Blog,

Thanks so much for visiting The Chaos of 3! I discovered recently that I made my first blog post on 4th of July last year. Independence Day. I thought this a happy coincidence really because the blog has proven to be my little bit of independence, my outlet that sets me aside as simply me. It might be about my life as a mom and about the three kids and all things family but it’s also a slice of time that’s just mine!

So who am I? I’m Sabrina, stay at home mom, married to Shane who is a musician and I am an Irish parenting blogger.

I’d sum myself up by saying I’m a disorganized, bad timekeeping mom of three surviving without any solid plan! It’s bound to be chaos!

Chaos of 3 is a misleading name really. 3 simply refers to the kids. There’s also the 2 parents, 7 cats, 3 roosters, 5 hens, 5 new chicks and 1 dog and 1 lamb. But the chaos of 27 hasn’t quite the same ring to it! I never was a career driven person. The only thing I knew for sure I wanted in life was to be married and have lots of children. My wishes are coming true one by one- I have a beautiful daughter and two fabulous son’s, I’m married to my best pal in the world and blessed that he is such a loving and hard working daddy for my kids and here I am writing which was always my secret dream and ambition. It’s chaos here. Always chaos….but we’re getting through it!


I’m always delighted to hear from visitors and have made some lovely connections with people all over the world through the blog. so please do say hello, leave a comment.

The Chaos of 3 is a PR friendly blog and when fun and interesting opportunities come our way we always make the best of it as long as it’s a good fit! Please drop me a line if you think we could work together!

EMAIL:     thechaosof3@gmail.com

FACEBOOK:   http://www.facebook.com/thechaosof3

INSTAGRAM & TWITTER:    @thechaosof3


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2 thoughts on “About & Contact Me

  1. Yes! I was drawn to your page just because you wrote the word chaos!!! That word tends to find me!! This is adorable!! You certainly have your hands full. I am from New York and raising four children and married. Although, no roosters, chicks, hens or cats, just one old, lazy dog.


    1. Good morning Lisa! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I’m reasonably new to blogging and actually I don’t think I’ve come close to accurately portraying the chaos levels around here!! Every day is a manic mumday! Lol. X

      Liked by 1 person

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