Rathwood – Halloween Pirate Train

My favorite time of year; the skies are blustery, the leaves are golden and the world smells like smoked Oak! It’s Halloween edging just ahead of Christmas for me, winning by a wicked witches hair’s breadth!

Sitting in front of an open fire in the wake of Hurricane Ophelia, I’m so glad we got the nice calm day that we did to visit Rathwood for their Halloween Pirate Train experience and apart from a little light Irish rain, we were very lucky!
We were met by the funny and very likable Captain Jack who filled us in on his adventures and misadventures looking after the ship and his run in with nasty old Captain Hook. Jack lead us away on our train adventure where we found his shipmate,Penelope Sail held captive in the hidden cabin. After a daring rescue and a mission through the forest to locate the missing ship, the pirates took on Captain Hook in a song and dance duel before returning to the train tracks again to reap our reward, pumpkins for all!


My gang, as you know, range from 10 down to 4 in age and they all had a good day out on Sunday. It’s advertised as being aimed at younger kids up to the age of 8 with things getting a little more scary in the evenings for older kids. Spence got a bit of a fright at the sudden and loud appearance of Captain Hook, he ended up crying in daddy’s arms under a nice safe tree but the pumpkin patch and hot chocolate cheered him up again!

All three of the kids voted their favorite part of the day was pumpkin carving. It was messy of course, scooping out pumpkin brains is always messy! All the equipment we needed was ready, carving saws, scoops and stencils. If anyone needed a hand getting stuck in, there was a pirate close by!

The Halloween Pirate Train is running from Saturday 21st up until October 31st and already booking up fast! Tickets are €10 per child and €7 per adult, babies under one go free.


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