Willow Shop Quilling Art

I love receiving packages, especially exciting one’s that I had forgotten were on their way! The postman had me out of the bed at 8am and initially I growled at him a small bit. It was the second time this week.

“You really have to stop doing this to me. I’m back on school runs in three weeks, I need sleep!”

He apologised for another ruined lie on and was forgiven when I realised what he was delivering!

We met lovely Karolina Laser of  Willow Shop last week in Tramore when we popped into a small local craft fair.  Her work is as a Quilling artist.

I was admiring her new baby gift frames and wondering who’s expecting that we could buy for when Shane spotted a family portrait. It was Karolina’s own family; mammy, daddy and their four sweet little kids. We had to have one of ourselves, couldn’t leave without placing our order!

Karolina has been a pleasure to deal with; she got in touch with me through Facebook and I gave her access to my photographs so she could figure us all out. She allowed the kids to chose their own styles and colours and even remembered that, on the day we met, we had our dog with us so Lucy was included in our frame. Red collar and all.

The work she puts into these creations is wonderful, she’s super talented and a lovely person too.

Have a look at her Facebook page or website: www.willowshop.ie if you are looking for a special and unusual one of a kind gift.

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