Lily’s 1st Fashion post  – A Penneys Haul! 

A little inspiring fashion guest post by Lily, age 10 and in full control of her own vibes and styles!

Yesterday I went to Primark in Omagh in County Tyrone with my Nanny and brother, Morgan.

There was a huge selection to chose from and I had a budget of £32 to spend.

I got this complete outfit for under my budget and I plan to wear it when I go to see the new Emoji movie soon!

I get my style and fashion inspiration from my best friends and I also love the stuff that Taylor Swift and Arianna Grande wear.

My t-shirt with peep shoulders was £7 and it’s a flip-flap one with changeable emoji face. My friends keep fidgeting with it though!

The leggings were just £6 and match the t-shirt.

My bandana was in a pack of two for only £2.

And the boots I just love! They’re black Chelsea boots, only £12.

So all of them make a pretty cool outfit for a total of £27.

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