Every Mothers Prayer 

There are probably many things a mother would like for Mothers Day this Sunday; many shiney things; many things that smell pretty; many that might make us look younger and less exhausted; many things that give us a little escape door to another land for a few hours. Many, many pretty things that we have ‘Added to basket’ on our virtual shopping trips or pinned to our ‘Things I Want’ Pinterest boards.

At the end of the day I think all we really want is not to stand on Lego anymore, not to find dirty uniforms stuffed deep underneath beds, not to creep into a kids room in the dark of night for a sweet forehead kiss and end up tripping head first into the abyss over some giant, toe breaking toy that is guaranteed, you bet your life, to be the loudest most noisy child waking toy ever manufactured in all of China. 

In honour of Mothers and in a nod to the wonderful Dr. Seuss, I give you:

Every Mothers Prayer:

Put this item in your room,
Do it quick-
Now, not soon.
Do not put it on the floor,
Do not put it near the door.
Do not leave it in the hall,
Do not leave it there at all.
Do not put it on a chair,
In its place not close to there.
Do not put it on your bed,
Do not put it there I said!
Do not throw it with your hand
You don’t know where it may land.
Do not take it half way there,
Do not make your mamma swear!
Put this item in its place,
Do it with a smiley face.
Put this item on the shelf,
Don’t wait for me-
Do it yourself.
You took it down with your strong arms,
You play with dolls, you play with farms
and when time comes around to clean,
Do not say your mamma’s mean!
Help her out, help her nice,
Do not make her say it twice.
Don’t say you can’t,
That won’t bring joy. 
Just put it back, put back that toy! 

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