Time to get this little page and blog back up and running I think! After a month or so of virtually avoiding it and not feeling inclined to post anything, I now find I’m right back to being in love with the blogging vibe and thinking about it daily! So here we go, 2017 lets be having you!
I am warmly and naively wrapped up in the charm of a brand new year so, in keeping with tradition, I will happily announce a clatter of cliché resolutions which I am determined to keep and destined to break! But sure, we’ll see. Maybe this will be my year. (Just another cliché for the clatter!)
So, Christmas came and went in a wave of coughing and snot. There wasn’t one of us here without a festive red nose bright enough to guide any sleigh, any night! I threw a box of multivitamins in with the shopping today in hopes I’ll actually remember to take one a day and not choke on the massive size of them. For the next three months I’m a member of the local gym starting from January 6th and really, now that Spence is happy in playschool for three hours every morning, I have zero reason not to make good use of that membership.
Virus and meds aside, we did have a lovely Christmas all the same with plenty of our standard chaos. It’s as if this season takes us all by surprise every year; as if we never know when it’s going to hit and we have to run out with our lists in one hand and our bank balance in the other. When you’re knee deep in all that stress and pressure you’d really wonder how we didn’t see this coming? Have we not known for a full year now since this last hit us that by December 25th the shops were shutting for 24 hours and on that same day we needed to have our homes sparkling and glitter sprayed, a loft full of Santa booty and pristinely wrapped well chosen gifts for each and every family member? Every year I swear I am going to become that woman who starts buying for Christmas in June. I might do that this year too. Let’s be calling that Optimistic Resolution #1 shall we?
Now that we’ve broken the seal, let’s just get stuck in with a list of the things I would like to see myself do this year. I’m not going to call them resolutions, I’m not that sure I am resolute in doing any of them but no harm in exploring the possibilities a new year brings.
1. I don’t actually want “Christmas shop from June onwards” to make the list but lets rename this first one as Getting my Shizzle Together! I’m always the mammy who runs for a birthday gift and wraps it in the car on route to a party my kid got the invitation to three weeks previous. That’s always a hassle because I’m also always Late Mammy so shopping on the road is a bit of a time thief. I often find myself rolling out of bed at 2am when I know the spin cycle on the washing machine is finally done and I can fire parts of school uniforms into the tumble dryer for the morning. When it comes to packing for trips and holidays those last couple of hours before we leave the house are just insane every single time and as a result the place gets left looking like it’s been ransacked by thieves and I head away praying that no reason occurs for the neighbours to have to pop over to deactivate the alarm or feed the cat! The number one reason why I would not use my free mornings to go to the gym will fall under this category also; not being organised. I’d go out on a school run and then, knowing that the absolute manic rush of my disorganised morning will have left the kitchen like a bomb site; the bedrooms upside down and I’m likely dressed in whatever cleanish items I found on the floordrobe (get it…wardrobe on the floor!!) and so I’m in no way dressed or ready for exercise! I’ll tell myself I should be using these free hours for myself but then I will argue with myself that I’m wrong and really what I have to do is go home and sort my house out. Are we seeing a pattern here? My entire downfall is this one thing: Not having my shit together. That’s a resolution. That I can resolve to do.


2. The other things that come to mind when pondering this list are goals I suppose. The things I think about or that I see other doing and I know I’m really drawn to. I made it to the Finalists list of the Littlewoods Blog Awards last year and in my heart I knew I made that on very little input. Imagine what I could have done with some dedication and effort? I could have done what I watched others do and took an award home. That’s a goal for 2017. And reading. I preach to the kids all the time about the adventure of a good book but I don’t make time to read half as much as I’d like to so I think maybe a goal of one book a month would be fun. Twelve books between now and this time 2018! Any recommendations? Oh, more up-cycling! I have an adorable office at home full of shabby chic furnishings; half of them I have painted and decorated and the rest are either started and unfinished or not even looked at! That’s something I really, really enjoy. There’s another thing it would be wonderful to make time for. Lord, I am really going to have to take that first resolution very seriously to fit in all this!


3. Health is always a big one on the New Years lists for everyone, isn’t it? I’m no different. While we all have bits of ourselves we’d love to tone up or trim down I actually think my aim would be just to feel more energised and secure in my health. It’s something I worry about far too much. Not how I look but am I alright? On the inside. Am I in good health, do I have anything going on I should be taking care of? I went through a rough few months in 2013 where I was fixated on a dark what-if? I had myself convinced something was amiss, something worrying and sinister and I fixated on it so much that it physically manifested itself as headaches, racing heart, panic attacks and joint pain. So, something I’d like to do going forward is too look after my health, get fitter so I feel better and address those worries head on so as I can put my mind at ease.
There we have it. I think that’s plenty to be getting on with for now and if I managed to keep up with that mini list I’d be delighted! Hands up anyone who has a little faith on me?
Happy 2017 to you all! Xx

One thought on “2017

  1. Great plans for 2017 🙂 I’m with you on having my shizzle together a bit better than last year, I too can be found rushing for a birthday present on the way to the birthday party! I started my new year reading goal last night by gathering up the first 4 books I’ve put to the side to read some time and actually managed to read 2 chapters 🙂


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