Our Review of My Name Tags Stickers

How many school items did your gang misplace last year? We lost one tracksuit top, one cardigan and countless drink bottles!

This coming school year (sorry to mention it already but it is only 6 weeks away!) I am much more prepared and I’m arming myself with a full quota of name stickers from http://www.mynametags.com


I was given an opportunity to test out the new range of Mr. Men themed colour stickers this past week. We opted for a sheet of Mr. Bump for Morgan.  Now, I’ve used other types of name tags over the years but they either involved sewing (who has the time?) or special pens and ironing! Work, basically! These colour stickers could not be any easier to use. Peel and stick and off you go!

For someone as classically last minute and chaotic as me, I’m all about the ease of this item! I can see myself now, after weeks and weeks of back to school media assaults everywhere I look I am pretty much guaranteed to be waking up on that glorious first day back and finding I’ve forgotten to do something.  At least if it’s name tagging I can rest easy that I can grab a shirt collar or backpack as they sprint against the clock out the door and label them instantly. Peel and stick! Getting the right name on the right kid may require coffee!

This week we have worn them and washed them and worn them again and each sticker remained intact and as brightly coloured as when they were first put on. In the interest if a full disclosure review I will confess, I did see one sticker peel at the corner after a wash. Morgan’s favourite Minions t-shirt. I replaced the sticker, was a bit more careful about positioning and pressing down firmly and being as it’s the t-shirt he asks for most often, it has since been worn and washed twice without a bother.

Of course we labelled a Mr.Men book!
Of course we labelled a Mr.Men book!

I clicked on the mynametags.com site today to look at ordering further sheets for the other kids because I’m genuinely happy with the product. I love their Design Your Own feature. You can have up to three lines of text in your chosen font and after that you can pick everything from text colour to background pattern. Add to that a small icon or image ranging from animals to flowers to sports to vehicles! I decided not to order though. No way. I switched off and got up from my desk.

Why? Well, because I know better than to make those sorts of choices for my kids! Id surely pick the bunny when Spence wanted the digger or I’d pick the pretty pink Script font for Lily when she finds black typed so much cooler these days! I’ll hold out, in a few days when they’re looking for something new to entertain them this summer I’ll send them onto http://www.mynametags.com to chose and personalise their very own stickers! They’ll love that!

My Name Tags colour stickers are machine washable after 24hours and can be put through a 60 degree celsius machine cycle or microwave, dishwasher or steriliser wash up to 90 degrees celsius. They are 100 % water proof and can be used on all of your clothes, drink bottles, toys, teddies…the lot!


This week I am running a competition in association with Mynametags.com and I’m delighted to offer a set of Mr. Men personalised stickers in your choice of character.

To enter, pop over to https://www.facebook.com/thechaosof3/ and tell me if you could create your very own Mr. Men or Little Miss for one of your own kids what would it be called? For me, I would create Mr. Knows-No-Bounds for our Spencer!! Place your answers in the comments section under the review link and hit the Share button to be in with a chance!

Competition is open for one week and the winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday July 27th!

My review today is based entirely on my personal experience of the product; I have not been paid to review but was kindly provided with a sample of the stickers for my own use! Thank you to the gang at MyNametags.com for the opportunity.


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