Last Minute Teacher Gift Idea!

I’m going to share this on the off chance that I’m not the only one living by the rule:


This is what we’ve put together for our teacher gifts this year. Now, I’ve actually been a little bit better organised than usual and picked up the makings of this a few days ago but here I am at 2am the night before the last day working my little home assemble line!

If you’re waking up today on this final day of the school year and you’ve not yet grabbed a box of chocolates or bunch of flowers for your kids teacher, this little idea is easily planned and put together and though it’s not a huge departure from the flowers and candy it does have a nice little twist!


Simply put, schools out for summer and the coffee and cake is on us! I think our teachers deserve at least that little treat!

I picked up some gift cards in our local Costa, it’s basically enough to cover a cappuccino and a muffin so it’s a very affordable gesture. The staff in Costa were more than happy to also give me some empty cups for presentation.  Add to that a little gift paper at the bottom and throw in a handful of mixed sweets, fudge, bon bons etc and it looks great! I had hoped to use some homemade treats but if you follow me on Facebook or Snapchat (@TheChaosof3) you’ll see I messed that up today! Oops.

I’m pretty sure this was a Pinterest find originally and of course it works great similarly with Starbucks or wherever is good for coffee and cake near you.


Happy Summer holidays everyone!

Bring on the chaos. Xx

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