More Craziness from the Internet!

I can only apologise now for what I am about to bring into your minds.


Yes, it’s just what you expect and fear it might be. When you already think this world is a really fecked up place, here I come to tell you about something you hardly could ever have considered was a ‘thing’.

Of course it’s a thing; if you can perform it then someone can get off on it.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? At a time in your life when you arguably feel at your absolutely least attractive there is a section of society out there that would love a bit of all that. At a time when only a loving husband could look at you with that huge heaving tummy and skin stretched to bursting point and tell you he’s totally ready to manoeuvre weird bendy positions for a few minutes of happy time!! You’re glowing and gorgeous, come here!

When there are genuine concerns about your bladder control and you feel you could join the cast of Game Of Thrones as Daenerys’ latest fire breathing dragon because of scorching, searing heart burn. Cross that with emotional instability that sees you spin from crying at kittens to full on losing your shit because Lidl have run out of those pear ice lollies you’re absolutely gagging for; still there are real special cases out there Googling all that hotmess hotness.

Now, this is not the sort of thing I usually occupy my mind with but I read a story this week about Australian blogger Meg Ireland who discovered that after updating her blog (The Shutupmeg Blog) with regular snaps of her growing baby belly, all fifteen of the pictures had been taken and copied over onto a very unusual website for men (I’m assuming it’s just men, maybe that’s wrong!) who get a kinky thrill out of big, nude pregnant tummies. It’s a fetish site. The fetish being heavily pregnant women.
Actually, nude doesn’t even have to come into it. There were very regular photographs posted of pregnant mothers just going about their normal errands in town, walking around a shopping centre or crossing streets.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s wrong to judge, people are into whatever their into I guess and on a scale of sick and disturbing fetishes this is likely not close to the worst but I just think that’s bonkers.

Now to take this to another level altogether let me tell you how her pictures were stolen. When using a private, local mothers Facebook group she added her picture to what seemed like a fun and friendly thread involving other mothers also due babies soon. Someone posed as a mother and went to great lengths to seem like she was a genuine person living in the area, she suggested as a nice girls-sticking-together, motherhood united post why don’t we all share and compare bump shots!

In an era when we spend so much time online and we all have our go-to groups of friends who live inside our computers, I almost think this aspect of the story is as scary as the idea of Preggophilia even existing. You so easily chat and share with those people whom say they are in the same situation as you and offer support and advice but really, think about it, have we really any solid clue just who it is over on the other side?

For me, I can say I’m blessed with the group of friends that live inside my laptop! I connected with these ladies when we were all expecting July 2013 arrivals. We’ve been through so much together over these years. Every high temperature spiking at 3am; every slightly dubious rash; every 5am wakeup call with growth spurt tiny terrorists bouncing on our faces…we can turn to each other for it all! Part of what gives me the confidence to turn to them is that we’ve done the ‘Real Life’ part too! We’ve celebrated big first birthday picnics and spent actual real time in each other’s company. They are a true bunch of real life mamas and not a kinky fetish of any kind could make them blush!

I had a look at the dodgy website in question just as I was writing this. The stats on there were jaw dropping.
At the moment I opened the page there were 125 active users on there; over 52,000 posts have been made in more than 6,000 threads and a total of, wait for it, 152,976 photographs have been uploaded.
There where threads under the titles of Pregnant Teens and Videos Of Pregnant Teens and without having any want or need to open these, because why in the world would I, there was a thread visible about a pregnant 15 year old. This is just not right.

The internet just got a whole lot more baffling.

Mind. Blown.

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