The Dirty Dancing Drinking Game!

Who’s ready for a laugh? If you do this, I want photo evidence!! Line up the drinks for 9pm!


Every time ‘Baby’ is said in a mocking or patronising manner…1 shot.🍸

Every time you spontaneously spout out a line in perfect timing and intonation…1 shot.🍸

Oops. Did you spout out the wrong line? Drink up!!…2 shots.🍸🍸

She carried a watermelon? Take 1 sympathy shot for Baby.🍉🍸

Every time Johnny puts on his cool shades…That’s 1 shot.🍸

You think you sounded better than Lisa doing the Hula Hana? You didn’t…take 2 shots! 🍸🍸

Someone shushed you? Double shot for them. 🍸🍸

Admit to a pang of jealousy when she cups his bum? You know what I’m talking about ladies!! Shot!!!🍸

How many times did that lift go wrong? A shot for each… 🍸🍸🍸

Did you just get up and dance along to that final fabulous dance scene?

No more shots for you!! ☕

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