Voted Resolution Least Likely to Succeed…

2015, where did you go?

Here we are again, start of another year. We’re all suckers for it, aren’t we? New Year, new you, new diet, new plans, new diary, new ideas…old habits! Same old habits!

I’m here warning myself not to do the whole resolutions thing, don’t fall into the false promises trap again this year! I mean, realistically what can really change over night? And I say over night, I mean what can change between the time I fall into bed exhausted after celebrating for hours, make-up half on half gone, discarded painful shoes, a chipped nail, misplaced false lashes…four hours comatose sleeping, two loud children banging down the door at 9am and I wake up a different mamma? Hardly!!

Reality Check

The reality, the core truth is, I’m not going to be on time for a lot of stuff, I’m going to get overwhelmed and run out of patience sometimes, I’m going to stumble out of bed at 2am when the little one cries out and in bleary eyed tiredness I’m going to bring him back to my bed again, I’m going to forget to turn out lights and go easy on electricity, I’m going to battle loads of laundry and rarely make it to the bottom of the basket ( ok, there are 3 baskets.), I’m going to get a little stressed sometimes, I’m going to nag or give out, I’m going to be worse than useless at recycling, I’m going to curse a little, going to eat too much sugar, pretty much never exercise, I’m going to be not perfect, I’m still going to do me!

What I will do though is I will crawl out of that bed no matter how hard it is every morning, I will have them up and out the door as successfully as I can and off to a brilliant school, I will be here when they come home, I will sit and struggle though homework , I will try my best to explain and encourage and teach, I will remember all they need in a week- uniforms, hobbies, notes, money, tracksuits, swim gear- I will kiss bumped knees, I will take the backchat as I try to brush out tangled hair, I will break up rows and teach them about respect and sharing and apologies and hugs, I will struggle through bedtime stories that I love reading and will read every single night even when my eyes are closing with tiredness and sometimes there are long pauses between words ( because I have dozed off for a nanosecond!), I will wake up at 3am to run and tumble dry something I had previously forgotten will be needed first thing, I will stay awake late, late into some nights because getting up to a clean kitchen makes life much easier and sometimes that means doing a whole lot of catching up while they softly sleep, I will take temperatures, pace floors, run baths, worry and Google symptoms and worry more, wipe snots, catch sneezes in my bare hands, rub bellies, massage growing pained legs, give my last bite and my first sip, get them there – wherever there is, even if it is a bit later than planned, I will spend weeks planning birthdays, bake birthday cakes late in the night, get light headed blowing balloons, I will search out family time and new ways to spend it.

Goals not Resolutions
Maybe the trick is not so much to try change ourselves but rather to better ourselves and set something to work towards, a few nice plans and ideas to achieve this year. So my New Year Goals, what might they be? Hilariously, as I look back a year on my Facebook, the first two things I consider Goals of 2016 are unattained Resolutions from 2015! The first was to get my smallest boy sleeping in his bed, that’s back on the list! The other was battling through the insane amount of laundry! The ever replenishing pile of washing! That’s not something I’ll ever achieve, let’s be honest!

Goals for 2016:

• Time and Presence. I’ve an awful habit of getting caught up in what’s not done, what needs to be done, what I’ve to do next when I should spend time being more present and involved in what I’m doing right now. Mindfullness.

Try Manage to get Spence on the same bedtime routine as the other two, bed-book-full night sleep in his own room! He’s edging towards the land of no day time naps now so that should gear us up towards a smoother bedtime come 8pm every night. Shouldn’t it?!

• Me time; Them time; Us time. Speaks for itself. I could really do with spending time alone with Miss Lily, she’s growing up mega-fast it seems and they say a child’s greatest influence is the same sex parent so I have some stepping up to do. Morgan craves someone to give him one-on-one playtime so lots more of that is due too! Spence gets me alone every morning so he’s doing well! This year requires much more Us time and finally shaving off a little Me time too…always important!

Looking back over this now it all comes down to Time for me.

Noticing time.
Managing time.
Making time.

The other two things I really want to do this year are maintain my lovely blog, which is looking super now that my art work is in place! (thanks to wonderful Helen at Ellie Illustrates) and I want to make it the Year of The Printed Photograph!! Yes that’s right, old school photographs there in my hand instead of lost in the abyss of one laptop or other!

That’s it, that’s all I’m taking on I think! What about you? Goals and Ideas for 2016…let’s hear ‘em!!!

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