This is 40!

We’ve often said we’d go to Electric Picnic festival some year when the kids are bigger but for now we decided to just pop an event tent, live band and a bar in the back garden! As you do!

After wearing him down, Shane eventually agreed to have ‘a few friends’ over to celebrate his 40th. I invited about a hundred guests, booked catering, a bouncy castle obstacle course and promised everyone a gig in the garden! May have got carried away with his idea of a few!

No matter how many weeks ahead you start to plan these events, when your trying to run a home with kids and all the back to school fuss is happening then cleaning the house and keeping it that way is like pushing back a tidal wave with a tennis racket.

Party day dawned bright and sunny, a false promise! I got up at 5.20am to tend to a pulled pork that had cooked all night and the allure of a few quiet still hours before the rest woke up was irresistible. So I stayed up and started my day!

That false promise of blue skies and sun was broken by early evening and the rain that fell was end of the world, dooms day, Armageddon-esque! It pummeled down so hard it burst one of the marquees, the lawn was becoming a swamp and it was impossible to set up the band and lighting rig. I was sure, positive, we’d have to scrap the plans and move to the living room!

But…it stopped as fast as it started. The sun did peep through and we got the show on the road! Balloons and cake were delivered, guests arrived, kids bounced in the slightly wet but mega obstacle course and drinks began to flow!


Two of the best things I’ve done with party planning is always get it catered and ask for an assistant for the night. My caterer brought a wonderful girl who took over all drinks duty so I didn’t have to spend all night pouring wine and making coffee! And the next morning they return to take it all away! Hey presto!

What a night! The band were fantastic and everyone seemed to have a ball! We even had the added scandal of the guards arriving in a squad car! A disgruntled neighbour had complained about our party at 9am! BOO! Imagine! Our guard was super though, she told us to carry on and be sure to have fun! No laws being broke here!

So, as happens with all good parties, we bid our guests goodnight, we sat picking at left overs and finishing drinks and with a weary thought to the clean up ahead we hit our beds!


Now, this clean up lark I had all in hand! I was ahead of myself and planned to have two secret weapons on my side!
My mother.
And Finish dishwasher products well stocked up!

The lovely people at Finish gave me an opportunity to collaborate with them and this party was the perfect chance!

Four loads of the dishwasher later and we had 124 plates, 63 wine glasses, 32 kids tumblers, 47 glasses and more crockery than anyone could be bothered counting all sparking and clean again! We live in a hard water area and I’ve battled the cloudy glass effect in the past but with Finish Rinse Aid it’s not a problem at all. There’s a really helpful guide available on the website at:
Finish Help Guide

Such a pleasure to finally set eyes on tidy counter tops and restocked presses! Happy 40th to my love, after a rock band in the garden I don’t know what we’ll do next!

Pop over to the Facebook page now where I’m running a competition to win your own selection of Finish Dishwasher products, anything that makes the chaos a little easier to manage, yes? Yes!

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